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Women's Two-Bowl Six-Pack a Huge Success

On June 11 and 12, Cowichan hosted 14 clubs from the South Island, including 4 teams from Juan de Fuca, 3 teams from Lake Hill, 3 teams from Cowichan, and one team each from Burnside, Vic West, Central Saanich, and Canadian Pacific. Despite some blustery winds and toilet problems, the tournament ran smoothly under Ross Bulley's excellent direction. Annie Mathie, Jill Foster, and Cherlynn McArthur from Juan de Fuca won the tournament. Annie has been playing in this tournament since 2017 and has never won in the past. She really wanted to have her name on the plaque this year and she got her wish. Second place went to the team from Vic West of Linda Robbins, Pat Levie, and Marnie Dangerfield. Third place went to Cowichan's Vivian Bleeks, Sheila Wethered, and Lovey Pritchard. Two teams, from Central Saanich and Juan de Fuca, were honoured for being the friendiest teams, who made it possible for the others to win. For some extra fun, several random draws were made.

Ross Bulley presenting the plaque to the winners Jill Foster, Annie Mathie, and Cherlynn McArthur.

Ross with the second place team of Linda Robbins, Marnie Dangerfield, and Pat Levie.

Third place winners Sheila Wethered, Vivian Bleeks, and Lovey Pritchard.

The Friendlist Teams.

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