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Victoria Day Jitney - 2019

The Victoria Day Jitney was held on May 20 amid cool and rainy weather. Nevertheless, 50 participants braved the elements to play the Spider and two of the three short games before heading indoors to snack on a delicious variety of "finger food" supplied by the players.

The participants were divided into two groups (Red and Blue). Prizes were awarded to the first, second, and third place finishers in each group. As it turn out, there was a tie for third place in both groups.

First Place - Red Group: (L to R) Mary Trottier, Wayne Grant, Beth Driedger.

First Place - Blue Group: (L to R) Jeff Doskotch, Dawn Nakatsu, Maria Ridewood.

Second Place - Red Group: (L to R) Alan Butler, Joyce Gammie, Reen Lloyd.

Second Place - Blue Group: L to R) Mo Sealey, Susan Quesnel, Pat Unger.

Jim Irvine (left), winner of the Spider, with jitney organizer, Mark Trueman.

There was a tie for third place within the Red Group. On the left is the team consisting of Bill Ferguson, Alice Trueman, and Jim Irvine. On the right is the team of Marilyn Boechler, Ross Bulley, and Jane McGiffin.

There was also a tie for third place within the Blue Group. On the left, is the team of Jude Cahoon, Gord Park, and Sheila Wethered. On the right is the team of  Marvin Thorgeirson, Lee Lavis, and Betty Locke.

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