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CLBC Structure and Organization


The Cowichan Lawn Bowling Club is affiliated with Bowls South Island, Bowls B.C. and Bowls Canada. In addition to CLBC, Bowls South Island includes about ten clubs from Victoria and the Saanich peninsula. Our association with these organizations allows our bowlers to compete in tournaments anywhere in British Columbia. In addition, our affiliation with Bowls Canada allows our bowlers to play in national and international tournaments. If you visit other countries, you are often welcome to bowl as a guest on their greens.


Club Management

The CLBC Board consists of a President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, individual members of the Board take on responsibility for Games, Greens, Clubhouse, Membership, Maintenance and Publicity.



The CLBC Board for the period October, 2023 - October, 2024 are:

President: Ian Hammocks (250) 701-5443

Vice President: Jim Brown

Past President: Pat Unger

Treasurer: Gord Hamilton 

Secretary: Position Vacant

Membership & Communications: Vicki Hankins (250) 746-6871 

Games: Sue Higbie (250) 710-9646

Coaching Coordinator: Pat Unger (250) 748-5440

Greens: Jim Irvine

Hospitality & Clubhouse: Reen Lloyd 

Publicity: Betty Burnett 




Current annual dues are $200. A portion of the fee goes to Bowls B.C. and Bowls Canada to support lawn bowling activities throughout the country.

Each year, members receive a Bowls B.C. affiliation card which entitles members to visit other clubs around the world and to compete in competitions (subject to local arrangements). Usually, clubs will allow our members to play about three games free of charge. This reciprocal arrangement makes it a pleasure to visit greens in other cities and countries.


History of the Cowichan Lawn Bowling Club


The British introduced several sports to the Cowichan Valley during the 19th century. These include rugby, field hockey, cricket, polo, rowing, sailing, tennis and, of course, lawn bowling. In fact, the South Cowichan Lawn Tennis Club, which has been in operation for more than 120 years, is the second oldest in the world, surpassed only by Wimbledon.


These sports were played in the Valley by British naval personnel, retired Indian Army officers and “gentlemen” immigrants  from the “mother” country. There have been at least three bowling greens in the vicinity of Duncan over the past century and a half. The present green is located in Centennial Park at the end of First Street, where visitors and spectators are always welcome. Prior to the establishment of this green another green was located near the present location of the Royal Bank on Trunk Road, across the street from the Duncan Mall.


The current Cowichan Lawn Bowling Club was established in 1997 and by August, 1998, members were on the green and learning to play the venerable game of lawn bowls. An ATCO trailer was purchased which served as the clubhouse for several years. It sported a very small kitchen, a fridge and one bathroom for almost 100 members. Because it could not accommodate all the members, the annual general meetings and Spring meetings were held at the Duncan Fire Hall. Finally, with some assistance from the Government of British Columbia, the new clubhouse became a reality in 2007. The new clubhouse is large enough to accommodate carpet bowls during the off-season.


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