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Almost There

The Island Team is closing in on the finish line. Here, team members are repairing and prepping the North East Corner for cement work to complete and attach the sidewalk to the clubhouse patio.

Rain doesn't stop work. Once the cement is poured, this plastic tarp is pulled over the pad to make a tent to protect the walkway as it dries.

Below, a final check of elevation is being done to make sure we are getting it level. A survey crew was brought it to verify we are hitting spec. Rumor has it we have one spot that is a few millimetres off. But, I am told it will be corrected. Good work.

Denis doesn't mind getting into his work. Here he is with his head into the North irrigation well that houses the main water line, back-flow, blowout and shutoff valves. These water lines have a lot of pressure in them. Making sure they don't leak and function properly is crucial to the safety of our members and health of our greens

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