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Steel Roof is Up

It is said that there is no sound more peaceful than the sound of rain on a steel roof. However, the sound is a little less peaceful when you are actually trying to put the steel up on the roof when its raining.

But, the heavy rains didn't slow the team of Mike, Steve L., Mark, Jim and Douglas from finishing the job. They were all pretty wet by the time they completed the work. Nevertheless, their determination and workmanship left behind one very sturdy and attractive looking structure. Job well done.

Once all the trim is installed, close to 1,400 screws will have been carefully fastened to hold all the steel in place.

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What is the cost of installing the steel roof ? Also looking to repair roof of my garage any suggestions for the best roofing expert.


Now thst is one fancy shed and a fine job by the dedicated and loyal volunteers named in the post.

Well done...we will all benefit so much for a long time with the shed sturdiness

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