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Regular Scheduled Cutting Has Started

The warm weather means the grass is growing. Steve and Jim spent Sunday morning showing new recruits how the cutting gets done.

Volunteers Needed

We sure could use a few more volunteers. I was actually surprised that cutting wasn't as difficult as I first thought. If cutting isn't your thing, we could always use "seconds" to help with trimming and the verges. If we get enough volunteers, each of us we will only need to come out 2 times per month. What a good deal! Lots of times are available. Contact Steve or Jim to arrange for training and scheduling.

However, get used to Jim judging how strait you mow. He was somewhat over critical of my lines below. As a past farmer, I didn't think I did that bad. But, he seemed to imply that I wouldn't win many trophies had we been in a plowing match.

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