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Mini Two-Bowl Six-Pack

Since only 7 teams registered for our Women’s 2-bowl 6-pack this year, the event was cancelled and on Sunday, June 12, we held a mini 2-bowl for club members only.

Four teams registered:

1. Maria Ridewood, Carol McCoy, Betty Locke

2. Vivian Bleeks, Sheila Wethered, Vicki Hankins

3. Reen Lloyd, Betty Burnett, Victoria Watson

4. Joyce Gammie, Jude Cahoon, Janet Doskotch

The four teams played a full three game round robin with some wonderful bowling.

Every team won at least one game. The Maria and Vivian teams each won two games but since Maria’s team won the head-to head game with Vivian, Maria’s team was declared the winner.

Congratulations. Everyone played well and there were no easy games.

We are all hoping the event has a better registration next year and we have a full Women’s 2-bowl 6-pack.

Event organizers:

Ross Bulley and Pat Unger

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