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Lots Happening at the Club House

Sorry about the lengthy delay since my last post. I think it has been over a month. We have been so busy at the club that I hadn't realized that the month of May is almost over.

I hope to get a full report out to all the members in the next week. But, here is a glimpse of what is happening at the club this month for our subscribers.

How Level is the Green

Each and every year we are planning on checking for changes in how level the greens are. We do this by laying out 10 foot grids and take measurements with a laser level.

If we do this religiously each year, our goal is to have one of the better greens on the Island.

Douglas and his team did find a 5/8" dip highlighted in red below. We will be fixing the dip when we get to sanding the green. But, I should remind everyone that when we started this project, the dip was over 7 inches. We are liking what we are seeing with this 1st year measurement check.

Lane Markers

Douglas and Ross spent the day installing all the markings necessary for moving the lanes. I don't have pictures. I would like to say that Ross came up with a very innovative way that doesn't distract when we bowl and provides for a much easier placement.

Shed and Lockers

We are nearing the finishing line on completion of the shed. May has been the month for building the lockers. Mike, Mark and I are on site most days sawing, drilling and assembling the lockers. We are just getting ready to install doors. We will be looking for members to help out with putting a protective varnish or coating on the lockers in the coming weeks.

The Greens

May has been an unusually cold month this year. We need night time temperatures to stay above 12 Celsius before we can take our next required step to completing the rebuild project. Unfortunately, even the daytime temperatures during May have struggled to stay above 12 making it difficult to stay on schedule.

We need a consistent 12 degrees or above to allow us to do our second seeding. The second seeding is critical to make sure we end up with a healthy playing surface able to withstand the walking and play upon the grass.

We like how the green is progressing. Fertilizing resumed this week. The irrigation is on. But the cold May is not what we hoped for. Hopefully we can see this promised warmer weather soon so we can work on getting back on track.

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