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Don't suggest to these guys that they have a good game by saying "Go Tear Up The Greens".

You have probably heard the term "Go Tear Up" the Dance Floor. The phrase means to perform with

great success. However, this "tearing up" wasn't about dancing or bowling. It was all about getting it right.

Ian, Ross, Gord, Percy, Jim, Chris and Roy spent Saturday morning digging holes along the South and North ends of the green to verify the location of the drainage system.

The digging and the sonar scanning that was done, turned up a pleasant surprise. Originally we had thought the drains were 10 feet apart. Turns out the drains are 5 feet apart and we have twice as many as we thought. A very well constructed system.

Next week we will be taking elevation readings of the drains so that we can document their precise location for any future work needed.

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