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Denny Baker Friendly Fours Tournament

The Denny Baker Friendly Fours Tournament, held on September 6, was indeed friendly and a lot of fun. Four teams competed in a round robin of 3 twelve end games, and the winning team was Sheila Wethered, Vicki Hankins, Roy Wilkinson, and Lucky Thiara. The plaque was presented to them by Denny Baker's wife, Velma, and his daughters Lori Bates and Gale. Pat Unger was chatting with Lori at their volunteer job one day and Pat happened to mention lawn bowling. Lori said that her parents used to bowl and Pat realized that she was Denny and Velma's daughter.

Lori Bates, Gale, Pat Unger, Velma Baker, Roy Wilkinson, Sheila Wethered, Lucky Thiara, and Vicki Hankins.

Yup - They've all got the line . . . not so much the weight.

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