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Day 7 - All the Gravel is In and Tested

Today, was not the best of weather with rain falling most of the day. But, it did not stop Jessie and David from completing the placing and compacting of the crushed stone at the base of the ditch.

Having the right tools makes all the difference in doing the job.

Did you know that early lawn bowling greens were kept short by grazing sheep. Sheep are known for eating the grass very short. Bowlers did have to watch where they threw their bowls to avoid any droppings.

Below is one of the team members from Lewkowich Engineering Associates taking geotechnical site samples to determine the density of the crushed stone at the bottom of the ditch.

Duncan Iron Works fabricated the 3/8 inch thick steel brackets that will hold the plinths and backboards in place. The brackets are designed to allow the boards to be adjusted up and down as things settle. The brackets are also very heavy and should last a very long time. Below, the brackets are being loaded for delivery to the club.

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