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Day 5 - Excavating Continues

Douglas has the club volunteers keeping a detailed log of what goes on at the construction site each day. Included in the log is work planned for next week is

  • Placement and compaction of granular base planned for Monday.

  • Forming for concrete will is scheduled for Tuesday/Wednesday.

  • Concrete pour planned for Thursday-weather permitting. Two different pumper truck outfits will visit site next week to view concrete placement options.

  • Work on placing boards and brackets will take place the following week.

Did you know "The oldest Bowls green still played on is in Southampton, England where records show that the green has been in operation since 1299 A.D.

The picture below show the trenching along the north side of the green. The white pipe is some of the old irrigation pipe being removed to make way for the new ditch.

Here you can see the excavated material being placed west of the greens. The plan is to cover the blackberry bush and provide a larger green space.

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Thank you Ian Hammocks for designing the observers log that we're all using out there.

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