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Day 12 - Impressive Equipment

It was really something to see this impressive piece of equipment that was used to pump the cement into the ditches around the green. Missing from the picture is the end hose that is attached to extend the boom reach all the way to the far corner.

Here you can see the pumper truck arriving at 11:00 am on the dot.

Steel plates were put down to protect the park walkway. Outriggers are extended out the sides to keep the unit stable during operation.

The truck starts unfolding the boom.

It didn't take long for the boom to be fully extended out across the entire green.

A extension known as a End Hose is added to the boom so that the cement can be pumped to the far corner of the green.

Here, a concrete transport truck is feeding concrete to the pumper, which is pumping it to where a cement is being poured in the ditches.

A close up of the cement being loaded in the pumper hopper.

Below, you can see the Island Irrigation team at the end of the hose guiding the cement into the wood forms in the ditches.

Pumper Trucks have been around for a while. They are a very efficient way of delivering cement over long distances or hard to reach locations.

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