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CLBC Update

To Our Valued Members.

We hope everyone is well and safe. I am anxious to see everyone healthy and back on the greens when this is all over.

Important News

For months we had been planning to close the greens on August 3rd, start the green rebuild project and finish our bowling season on the artificial green that is used as a practice area for the field hockey over at the Duncan SportsPlex facility. Obviously, plans have changed with the arrival of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Once we recognized that the odds were against us of getting back on the greens before the end of July, we started to look at moving the rebuild project forward to take advantage of seeding the greens earlier. Seeding earlier would allow for a longer growing period for the grass to grow before temperatures started to drop in the fall. Going earlier would also allow the club to save funds that would have been spent on maintaining the old greens throughout the spring and summer months.

Construction Moved to June 1

We are pleased to announce that Superior Excavating Ltd. has agreed to start the excavation and construction work on June 1.

Throughout the month of June, Superior will start by removing the top 5 to 6 inches of the playing surface. Then they will add cleanouts to the drainage system, build new concrete ditches, install backboards and replace the excavated soil with a proper USGA sand mix. The irrigation system will reinstalled. The soil mix will then be precision leveled and compacted, followed by work to finish the verges around the greens. On or about July 1, grass seed will be planted.

Our work begins once the seed is in the ground. Under the watchful eye of our greens keeper, club members will be responsible for ensuring the conditions are perfect for the grass to properly germinate and grow. This is a critical phase of the project that will require our attention to detail. We expect hand-watering will be required. Lots of daily monitoring. Volunteers will be needed. So, if you can find the time, we sure could use the help.

Shed Replacement

In parallel with the Greens Rebuild, the Shed Replacement Project will be undertaken once the Grant monies have been received. Our thanks to members of the Construction Committee and the Long Term Planning Committee for the many hours of hard work, planning, etc., ensuring these projects will be a success.

Bowling After Covid-19

I am always the optimist. I still have hopes that we will be bowling before the season ends. In anticipation of needing a place to bowl, Ross Bulley has contacted the SportsPlex facility in Duncan and inquired about lawn bowling on their artificial green that is used as a practice area for field hockey club. Several club members came out mid-March, to test the field by playing a few ends. I was one of the club members. It was awesome. It was like playing on a full-size indoor green. Level, wide and fast. I have no doubt that many of our members will enjoy the opportunity to play on this surface. There will have to be a small Membership Fee for taking advantage of this facility. Our plan is to move over to the SportsPlex facility to provide bowling on the artificial surface for the summer months, through to the end of September.

During the construction, I will attempt to make regular updates through our "What's New" section on the main page of the club website. If you subscribe, you will receive theses updates automatically through your email.

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your CLBC board members.

Please stay healthy and safe.

Stephen Rikley

President CLBC

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