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CC Committee Adapts to Pandemic Restrictions

Under the leadership of Douglas Ford, the Construction Committee continues to meet and work on the upcoming Green Rebuild project set to get underway on June 1.

At the meeting, but missing from the above screen shot, was Percy and Ross. Both joined the meeting a few minutes after the picture was taken.

Most meetings are held online. The frequency of the meetings is now every 7 days. The “to-do” list seems to grow as we get closer to the start of the project. Subjects discussed range from coordinating with the city and outside contractors, to finalizing the scope of work. The last and most important subject discussed was the training necessary to make sure we are keeping everyone safe during the construction.

For any "must have" onsite meetings, the group follows guidelines for keeping social distancing.

Below is a sample of our new Ditch Brackets and a mock-up of the backboards assembly. Two 1.5" boards is only be used to simulate the single cedar boards that will be actually used. The heavy and well designed brackets and the 3 inch cedar boards is going to make our ditches last for a very long time to come.

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