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This Weeks Work on the Shed

Our "to do" list got a lot shorter this week. The siding, trim and eaves were all finished this week. The hydro cable has been run from the club house. Electrical has been roughed in. Eavestrough have been ordered. Sand fill has been placed inside and outside of the shed. Doors are ready for installation. All that remains is the cement floor and sidewalk. Plus the painting.

Below is the crew that put in a lot of hours to make this project happen.

The picture below shows Mark, Steve, Jim and Mike installing the last of the Hardie Boards. We will need volunteers to paint the boards and trim.

Before we pour the last of the cement, perimeter drains and drainage rock was added to all sides of the building. Here, ground fabricate is added to protect the drainage rock from soil (organic) contamination.

Below, Jim is moving rock to level around the new shed.

Mark putting on the facia panels.

To get electricity to the shed, we dug a trench down 20 inches and dropped in the electrical cable. It sure is easier having the right equipment to do the job. Thanks Island Irrigation.

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Wow! nice job well done

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