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National Bowls Day

On Saturday, June 3 bowling clubs across Canada opened their doors to the public. It was a beautiful sunny day at Cowichan for 21 members and 11 visitors to come out for some bowling, hot dogs, and laughs. Joan Wilson brought her grandchildren, five year old Hannah and nine year old Jacob. Many thanks to our coaches Pat Unger and Betty Locke, our barbecue gurus Tim and Helene Stevens, and our hard working kitchen crew of Reen Lloyd, Victoria Watson, and Dawne Nakatsu.

Organizers: Betty Burnett & Sue Higbie

Hannah - A bowling star in the making.

Jacob - Quite often closest to the jack. He's going to be good!

Grandma Joan showing the grandchildren how to bowl.

Unidentified person showing a different way to wear National Bowls Day stickers.

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