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Monday Morning Ladder League

On Monday August 22nd the CLBC Monday Morning

Ladder League was completed. We had four sessions in the

Spring cancelled due to excessive rain but managed to pick

up two extra play dates in August.

The final day of play included 28 players on 7 rinks.

The Winner of the 2022 Ladder was ‘ Bill Ferguson ‘ with

65 points. Second place was Maria Ridewood with 55 points ,

third place with 52 points tied by Gordon Bownbridge ,

Sheila Wethered , and Pat Unger.

Congratulatios to all of you !

Thank You to Sue Higbie for assisting with the computer

tabulation of the weekly results. Reen Lloyd and her kitchen

crew were marvelous with goodies, coffee, and clean up each

Monday. The Ladder players were arriving early and helping

to set the rinks so we could start promptly during the

extreme heat.

A very pleasant and successful Ladder Season for 2022.

Hope to see you all again next year with a little less rain.

Joan Wilson

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