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Mini Two-Bowl Six-Pack

Since not enough teams signed up to host the BSI Women's Two-Bowl Six-Pack Tournament again this year, CLBC held its own mini version on Sunday, June 11, organized by Ross Bulley. Six teams played a round robin on a beautiful, sunny day. The winning team of Vivian Bleeks, Maria Ridewood, and Sheila Wethered was followed closely by Pat Unger, Joan Wilson, and Penny Irvine. Honourable mention went to the Most Supportive Team of Reen Lloyd, Betty Burnett, and Dawn Nakatsu.

Ross Bulley with Maria Ridewood, Vivian Bleeks, and Sheila Wethered.

Ross with Joan Wilson, Pat Unger, and Penny Irvine.

Ross with Dawn Nakatsu, Betty Burnett, and Reen Lloyd.

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