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Happy 25th Anniversary CLBC

On Sunday, July 30, 52 members came together to celebrate our club's 25th anniversary. Six ends of bowling was followed by speeches from some of the original club members. Life Member Betty James, who had never actually bowled before it all began, told of countless meetings at city hall with Abe Bruinsma, after the initial idea of building a bowling green. Jim Appleton recalled the process of levelling the ground and preparing the grass, and Betty Locke remembered having to put duct tape on bowling shoes, in order to protect the new grass. Past President Pat Unger told of other founding members who were invited but were unable to attend, including Hank Wilkinson, who is now 98 years old. Drinks and speeches were followed by a barbecue, with salads, veggies, and desserts made by club members. After dessert, President Ian Hammocks handed out commemorative key chains to round out a fun and successful evening of celebration.

Life member Betty James remembers the very early days of CLBC, from concept to fruition.

Jim Appleton adds to Betty's story of the development of the club.

Betty Locke adds more reminiscences.

Past President Pat Unger with Alannah Sandwell, Ian Hammock's wife.

President Ian Hammocks.

The End.

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