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Day 6 - Timber Arrives

The heavy Cyprus backboards and plinths were delivered this morning. How do I know they are heavy. Because I and others have moved them by hand, 3 times now.

Having the right equipment makes the job far easier. It didn't take long for the crane to lift the boards over the shed and alongside the club house.

Next stop - into the ditches they go.

Day 6 started out with Jessie and David filling the ditches with 5 inches of crushed gravel. The gravel is needed for 3 reasons.

  1. Provides a level surface for the concrete

  2. Provides drainage

  3. Prevents the cement from settling and cracking. Thus making it last longer.

Lawn Bowling Trivia

Did you know how bias was introduced into lawn bowling? It's believed that the "bias" was introduced inadvertently in 1522 by the Duke of Suffolk. Apparently his bowl split in two after striking other bowls and he took a knob off of a stairway banister post for a replacement. The flat side of the knob caused it to roll with a bias and he experimented by curving his bowl around others.


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