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Day 16 - Just a Normal Day at the Club

Not too busy. Only six tasks worked on today.

  1. Compacting & leveling existing sand.

2. Making sure existing grading 3 3/4 in below plinth prior to final compaction.

3. Adding water to aid compaction.

The wetter the better.

4. Old sand and turf material was spread outside fence to the west of the green.

5. The pipe was run into the green on north side to feed new sprinkler system.

6. The Island crew was also working on installation of backboards. The outside Lower board is now partly done.

Future Work for this Week

  1. Compaction checks scheduled for tomorrow morning.

  2. After compaction new connection to central head to be installed.

  3. New sand scheduled to come in tomorrow afternoon.

  4. Installation of new irrigation system on Thursday.

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