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Day 15 - Trusses and Strapping Installed

The trusses and strapping both arrived at 8:00 am this morning. By 2:00 pm, the CLBC crew had them all nailed into place. It's starting to look like a shed.

The team of Mark, Douglas, Bill, Don, Mike and Steve L, did not waste any time. By noon, the trusses were all up.

The beautiful blue skies and warm weather made for a more pleasurable experience today. Being out of the mud was also a treat.

Mark's air nailer made things a whole lot easier.

The gentlemen below has told me he was an avid rock climber. So, the heights and the precise footwork was not an issue for him. He was very comfortable up on the roof. Can you guess who our rock climber is?

The facia and the gable ends will be finished early next week.

Yes, the site in the picture below does look like its a bit messy. By the time we leave, we usually have it all put away.

Good days work. Thanks to the team. And thanks to Reene for setting us up with coffee and lunch.

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Wonderful Progress! It's looking great!


Absolutely amazing accomplishment.

How lucky we are to have such great volunteers day after day.

I think the rock vlimber is Mike S

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