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Day 15 - Turf Removal, Brackets and Boards

The Island team has been spending the last two days stripping the topsoil off the green and mounting ditch brackets and boards. The sand underneath the green is of excellent quality and is in very good shape. Golfers would die for sand like this in their traps.

It doesn't take Jessie long to peel of the top layer.

Work in the ditch starts with the brackets being positioned in the centre of the cement. A hole is drilled into the cement. Then a bolt is epoxied into the cement. Finally, a nut is added and tightened to hold the bracket in place. Good design. Very strong. Well built structure.

The next step in the ditch construction is to add the inside board or plinth. First, the team cuts the boards to length. Next, they drill and countersink holes for the bolts. The boards are positioned and bolted to the brackets. During every step, the Island Team is checking elevation to make sure the board is within 2 mm of the required height or elevation. Very accurate work. Always double checking.

Its not easy work. These are heavy Cyprus that require two strong young men to carry one of these boards.

And, if the boards don't fit perfectly, out comes the planner to make sure they do fit perfectly to our very tight specifications and tolerances.

A little shimming is added to make sure the boards are on straight. Looking good.

Safety is always on everyone's mind. This is a rare moment when Andy has is hard hat off to wipe away the perspiration because it was a hot one today.

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