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Day 11 - All Square - Ready for Cement Tomorrow

According to Ross's chart below, our old green was a bit off square. Now they are perfectly square. I knew there was a reason why my lawn bowling has been so bad the last couple of years.

Tomorrow, these forms will be filled with cement. Pumping of the cement should start around 11 am in the morning.

Below, you can see the Rebar is hung by wire ready and is ready for the pour tomorrow. Hanging allows the cement to surround the Rebar making for a stronger structure that is less likely to crack under stress.

Did you know that after water, Cement is the most widely consumed commodity in the world. In Canada, we produce $76 Billion dollars annually of cement and 158,000 Canadians are employed in the Industry. Unfortunately, cement production is also one of the big polluters in the world. The industry contributes about 7% of carbon dioxide emissions into the air.

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