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Construction is Done - Now onto the Greens

Except for a small pad of cement to be poured, the Shed Construction is now complete. All that remains is for Maria and the painting team to add the finishing touches to the project.

With the Shed done, now we can focus on the greens and other projects. Below, Steve and Jim have already started rolling the grass in preparation for cutting and fertilizing work to come. Jim and Steve spend most days tending the new surface. With Spring here, their work load is starting to increase. They could use the help if you can spare the time.

Accent Garage Doors made quick work of hanging the new entrance doors into both the equipment and maintenance areas of the shed. Mark installed all three of the smaller entrance way doors. The new doors and level walk ways will make it much easier for our members to access the tools we need to enjoy our sport.

Looking back on the project, I keep thinking about all the people who made the Shed project a reality.

The project started with some forward looking members who recognized the need to fix a number of barriers that the old shed created. Next, a group started planning and pricing the project. Another member, put together a well thought out funding application that resulted in a successful grant. Another member drew up the plans for the building permit. The Manor and city staff approved the project. Then 12 members stepped forward and contributed to the project when we had a funding shortfall.

Several Businesses not only helped fund this project, but did some pretty amazing work. To me, it seemed more often like a partnership than business dealing. A few of them I would like to erect a statue to.

And then there is the many volunteers who came out and did the work. Rain or shine. Long days and sometimes heavy hard work. You will quickly see the outstanding quality of the work they did when you take a tour.

Even though we owe these volunteers a big thanks, I suspect that each one of the volunteers will tell you that they didn't show up for the thanks or the recognition. My guess is that it was more about fellowship and the opportunity to contribute.

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Wonderful job! Many, many thanks to all those who put in so much time and energy. It looks just great!

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