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Closing Jitney & BBQ

Everyone had a lot of fun at the Closing Jitney on Sunday, October 1. Organizer Betty Burnett had teams playing Backwards Bowls and Double Jeopardy. The spectators could hear the strategies being planned. A beautiful sunny morning of bowling was followed by burgers, salads, and cakes. A birthday cake and card created by Betty Locke, were presented to Ross Bulley to celebrate his 85th birthday. The winning team was Tim Stevens, Joan Appleton, and Margaret Hogg, the second place team was Penny Irvine, Bev Southerland, and Maureen McInnes, and the third place team was Vivian Bleeks, Sheila Wethered, and Kathy Van Elk. The 50/50 draw was won by Jeff Doskotch. 50 people participated in this final event, some dressed in black because they were sad that it was the last jitney and some were dressed in bright colours because we are still happy. The day ended with the lowering of the flag.

Betty Burnett gives chocolates to the winning team of Joan Appleton, Tim Stevens, and Marg Hogg.

Betty congratulates the second place all girls team of Maureen McInnes, Penny Irvine, and Bev Southerland.

Third place winners Vivian Bleeks and Sheila Wethered. Not in picture Kathy Van Elk.

You can do it, Murray!

Okay, has everyone cast their vote as to which one is shot?

"That's the shot." "No, that's the shot!"

Where will the second bowl, thrown by Pat Unger, end up?

Too bad, Bill, that's Ross's bowl.

Birthday boy, Ross Bulley. What a great way to spend your birthday!

The bowlers had a backdrop of beautiful autumn colours.

Thanks for cooking all those burgers, Tim. Now for the clean-up.

Rose Lakeland salutes as the flag is lowered at the end of the season.

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