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CLBC Sets Record Attendance at Christmas Banquet

Annually, the club holds a Christmas Banquet to bring together members and guests, to share in the joy and happiness of the season.

This years attendance reached an all time high. It was a great opportunity for members to reflect on a very successful year while looking forward to building on our accomplishments in the coming year.

League and Tournament Results

Many of our members participate in tournaments and leagues throughout the season. These events would not happen without the many people that support the activities by opening and closing the greens, provide hospitality services, helping with equipment, umpiring, keeping score and maintaining the greens. Our members really are amazing when it comes to volunteering!

The following acknowledges the organizers and winners for Leagues and Volunteers:


Monday Morning Ladder – Joan Wilson (Organizer)

First Place: Jim Irvine

Tuesday Evening Singles League – Ross Bulley

First Place: Jim Irvine

True North Triples League – Bill Tschirhart

First Place: Maria Ridewood, Annie Dougherty & Tom Slemko

Wednesday Evening Ladies’ Pairs League – Sheila Wethered

First Place: Carol McCoy & Bonnie Younger

Thursday Evening Pairs League – Spring Session – Marilyn Boechler & Bill Cleary

First Place: Clint Bailey & Rose-Marie Lakeland

Thursday Evening Pairs League – Summer Session – Marilyn Boechler & Bill Cleary

First Place: Penny Irvine & Janet Doskotch


Ken Armour Mixed Triples Tournament (25 May) – Keith Thorpe

First Place: Duncan Locke, Betty Locke, and Bill Ferguson

Mixed Medley Tournament (9 June) – Bill Tschirhart

Fours: Lee Lavis, Gordon Brownbridge, Steve Rikley & Steve Lundahl

Pairs: Wayne Grant & Maria Ridewood

Singles: Jeff Doskotch

Women’s Two-Bowl Six-Pack – Open Tournament (11-12 June) – Betty Locke, Pat Unger &

Ross Bulley

First Place: Maria Ridewood, Annie Dougherty & Hazel Grant

Betty & Duncan Locke Mixed Pairs Tournament (3-4 July) – Mark Trueman

First Place: Maria Ridewood & Ross Bulley

Men’s Two-Bowl Six-Pack – Open Tournament (16-17 July) – Betty Locke, Mark Trueman &

Ross Bulley

First Place: Jay Huang, Kiyoshi Sekiguchi & Brian Morin (Gordon Head)

Second Place: Bud Randall, Jim Hill & Se O’Connor

Third Place: Jim Irvine, Clint Bailey & Don Unger (Cowichan LBC)

Novices Tournament: Men (22 July) – Betty Locke & Joyce Gammie

First Place: Bill Ferguson

Novices Tournament: Women (22 July) – Betty Locke & Joyce Gammie

First Place: Catherine Coulis

Men’s Singles Club Championship (30-31 July) – Mark Trueman

First Place: Bill Ferguson

BSI Novice Men’s Tournament (31 August-1 September)

First Place: Bill Ferguson

BSI Novice Ladies’ Tournament

First Place: Claudia Lang (Juan de Fuca LBC)

Women's Singles Club Championship (14-15 August) – Mark Trueman

First Place: Maria Ridewood

Denny Baker Friendly Fours Tournament (30 August) – Ross Bulley

First Place: Bonnie Younger, Steve Rikley, Jude Cahoon & Janet Doskotch

70+ Singles Tournament (19 September) – Beth & Dredge Driedger

First Place: Jim Irvine

Mixed Medley Tournament (23 September) – Bill Tschirhart

Fours: Mike Schnarr, Bill Ferguson, Susan Quesnel & Tim McGiffin

Pairs: Mike Schnarr & Bill Ferguson

Singles: Maria Ridewood


Opening Day Jitney (27 April) – Alice & Mark Trueman

Victoria Day Jitney (20 May) – Alice & Mark Trueman

Canada Day Jitney (1 July) – Ross & Judith Bulley

BC Day Jitney (5 August) – Keith Thorpe

Yes Dear! Or Singles’ Advantage (25 August) – Bob Parkinson

Labour Day Jitney (2 September) – Vivian Bleeks & Sheila Wethered

Closing Fun Day Jitney (29 September) ─ Ross & Judith Bulley


Sidney Exchange (22 May) – Mark Trueman

Winner: Sidney LBC

Parksville Exchange (10 September) – Mark Trueman

Winner: Parksville LBC

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