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B.C. Day Jitney

38 people came out for Keith Thorpe's Cross-Country Jitney on a beautiful, sunny B.C. Day. Seven leagues competed and produced seven winners, with second and third prizes awarded, as well. The course gave players good practise for their short games and produced lots of laughs.

Winners Sue Higbie, Pat Unger, Keith Thorpe (organizer), Susan Quesnel, Gord Park, Janet Doskotch, Jeff Doskotch, and Lori Brown.

Betty Locke and Ross Bulley looking good.

Kim Ferguson stays focused.

Jim Brown, Vice-President, bowling with determination.

Kim and Wendy Lautsch having fun.

Bob Chasel and Lisa Read wearing their bright B.C. Day colours.

Pat Unger and Gord Brownbridge deciding who is closest.

President Ian Hammocks showing his form.

Last but not least Betty Burnett and Lucky Thiara.

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