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Shed Construction - Day 1

Day 1 of the New Shed Construction went very well. Ryan from Island Irrigation made short work of the demolition and excavation for the new cement footings.

By 8:00 am - Equipment arrived and was unloaded on site.

By 8:20 am - Cement Sand Box was removed.

By 9:00 am - Shed was down and broken up into small pieces.

By 10:00 am - Shed was in the dumpster and leaving the club

By 11:00 am - East Gardens was excavated and graded

By 1:00 pm - All the old cement foundation and floor was removed

By 4:00 pm - New footings dug, leveled and ready for forming.

Four truck loads of material was taken away

A very good start.

Click on the video below to see a recap of todays activity.

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