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Here We Go

After several years of planning, fundraising and hard work by a lot of people, the construction phase of the Green Rebuild project is officially underway. Below is an image of the area to the west of the green that is being prepared by the City to accept our old green.

Excavation and construction will start on June 1. The Construction Committee has been holding weekly meetings to complete all final adjustments to the projects. Now, the committee will move to the next phase - which is making sure the execution of the project goes as planned.

It is a bit exciting to be at this point in the project. But, it is also a bit "nerve racking". Have we covered everything we need to. Will the project go as planned. Will we get the desired results. How do we keep everyone safe.

Our thanks to the members of the Construction Committee, Board and Long Term Planning Committee for making this a reality. Most of all, thanks to all club members for your generous donations. Without your help, this wouldn't have happened.

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