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Happy Hallowe'en Bowling

The last organized event of 2023 was a Hallowe'en bowling event on Oct. 28. 14 people came out to bowl and try their luck at bowling over some cats, ghosts, rats, etc. Lucky Thiara and Penny Stephenson were the best at this. Bowling was followed by witches brew, witches fingers, and other sweet treats. Vicki Hankins won the last 50/50 draw of the year. Thanks to Reen Lloyd, Dawn Nakatsu, and Betty Burnett for helping Princess Leia put on this event.

Reen, Betty, Sue, Erik, and Vicki - Ready for some fun.

You might not recognize this person but you will recognize her bowls.

It was a balmy 7 degrees, so Erik took his jacket off.

Susan Quesnel demonstrates Canadian bowls, eh?

Betty Locke in spooky black.

Ooh, creepy. Not you, Brian.

Two witches? Betty Burnett and Chris Chasal.

Don't let that bowl out of your sight, Erik.

No costume but we love you anyway, Ross Bulley.

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