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Day 8 - Forming of the Ditch

Wednesday's work was all about getting the ditches prepared for pouring cement. Below you can see the 2 x 6 boards being installed in the ditch. The forms are used to force the concrete to assume a desired shape. Once the cement dries, the forms will be removed and replaced with back fill or gravel.

I asked the "framers" if the forms were square across the entire green. Proudly they boasted they were less than 1" out of square. If you are building a wood cabinet, 1" is a lot to be out. But for the green of this size, it represents a .000006 of an error over the total area of the green. My guess is that our Club will have the Squarest Green on the Island.

I suggested to them that it might throw my game off if the green is 1" out of square. They responded quickly that the 1" would be fixed before the cement goes in.

I am getting the feeling The Island Irrigation Team takes a lot of pride in their work.

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Jun 11, 2020

Love all these updates. Hoping they are being sent to every club member as they all have a stake in this .


Great to read all the updates...and amazing to hear how accurate and proud of their work the contractors are.

Sad covid prevents a "thank you" celebration on completion...but maybe at a later date

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