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Day 4 - New Ditches!

Nice new level ditches. Well, at least that is the plan.

The ditches look a little rough in this picture. But, I see a deep hole that going to be filled with crushed gravel, re-bar, cement, steel brackets and heavy thick cypress boards to form a structure that will stop any kind of bowl that is tossed at it. Even size 7.

If you look real close, you will see the laser level in the background and the Grade Rod to the right of the Island Irrigation Team Member. Look even closer at the trench wall, you will see the plastic liner that covers the whole green. The liner is about 16 inches below the surface. The purpose of the liner is to direct the water towards the drain pipes.

What looks like a club member seems to be watching from outside the fence, just to the right of the laser level. Perhaps we should have a "name that member contest".

Once the trenching is completed, then cement will be poured before the brackets and backboards are installed.

Below is a drawing of the ditch with dimensions.

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1 Comment

Steve, thank you so much for the great updates and photos of the construction! It’s looking good ,

Joan Wilson

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