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Day 3 - Surrounds Removed

The contractor was busy today removing the remainder of the old sod around the greens. Piping for the new irrigation was delivered as well.

The new irrigation system being installed is one of the highlights of the project. We are adding 80% more spray heads and a modern controller. The additional heads will result in more even coverage of the greens. Once the new irrigation controller is hooked into the internet, the system will monitor the local weather and automatically adjust to get just the perfect amount of water for that day.

The picture below is showing whats left after the backboards came out. The next step is to clear the sod and then dig a trench to hold the new concrete ditches.

Below is one of the old 4 x 4 posts that are "playing hard to get" out.

When was the last time you saw a truck parked in the middle of the green.

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