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CLBC 70+ Singles Tournament - 2018

Left to right: Reen Lloyd, Jeanne Aten, and Clint Bailey

Alice, Debby, Dawn, and Jill (Debby & Jill were also markers for the event)

Keith Thorpe

Six bowlers competed in the 70+ Singles Tournament. From left to right: Keith Thorpe, Percy Cowan, Reen Lloyd, Ross Bulley, Jeanne Aten, and Clint Bailey.

Ross Bulley and Reen Lloyd

Reen Lloyd

Keith Thorpe and Percy Cowan

Four players ended up in a tie for first place. They were Clint Bailey, Ross Bulley, Keith Thorpe, and Reen Lloyd. To break the tie, the total number of ends won during the round-robin were used. Clint was declared the winner, having won 33 ends.

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